Marriage can be tough despite loving each other deeply, especially when you fight.  Friends and therapists may advise you to hold on and hope that things will work out.  Although you have been patient, and you have tried your best, things may not be getting better.  In this situation, you should consider divorce as there no need to continue being in an unhappy relationship.  Here are the signs to review when facing the dilemma on whether to hold on or divorce your spouse. Learn more about signs of divorce here. 

When everything in your marriage becomes a fight, it may be a sign that you need to separate. Do you find yourself angry with your partner all the time and keep arguing all the time? Do you seek out fights even when things are going well?  In this situation, it shows that things have gotten out of hand, and you no longer can compromise for your spouse. You may attempt seeking professional help on how to improve your communication, but nothing seems to work.  If you are facing this challenge, you should weigh the option to separate with your partner. Know that marriage is about two people who can find common ground when facing disputes and when you cannot it may be a sign that you are not meant to be together. Read more now about divorce. 

When you have a hard time forgiving your partner, it may be time to separate. In the course of your marriage, you will argue, say, and do hurtful things to each other.  The advice you will get on how to handle these hurtful situations is to forgive each other. When the forgiveness becomes hard, everything else in the marriage starts to fall apart. The romance and the bond you once had dies when one of the partners feels betrayed and cannot forgive.  Instead of trying to force the forgiveness that may never come, the best solutions is to separate.  If you decide that divorce is the only solution then you should seek more info on how to handle it.

If you don't support each other, anyone may be time to end the marriage.  People get married to get a lifetime partner who offers support at all times. In marriage, you should inspire each other to keep growing. It is painful when your wife or husband is the one putting down your efforts.  The actions of your spouse may cause you to lose self-confidence and abandon your dreams. Experts recommend ending a marriage that is abusive and non-supportive.

To learn more about when to consider a divorce, you should consider seeking professional help like seeing a licensed therapist. 
Facing the Dilemma on Whether to Hold On or Divorce Your Spouse? Here are Signs to Review

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